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How to the ensemble use sex dolls for Pleasure?

If you bought a lifelike doll, you are about to embark on a new adventure. To put it mildly, it is an excellent investment. A silicone wife can provide you with a relationship and a satisfying sexual journey, so you’re in for a new experience. 

What distinguishes a TPE wife or silicone partner is that no questions are asked about your job, the car you drive, your appearance, or how much money you have in your wallet. You will always be a free man. You can still be the same man you were yesterday. It’s because a European or Japanese realistic sex doll makes no demands other than that you explore her body and enjoy what she has to offer.

Here is the guide for ensembling the sex dolls for Pleasure

  1. When the best sex doll torso arrives on your porch with the delivery guy, neatly packaged and fresh off the vendor’s rack, it’s time to help the less fortunate. Keep your excitement in check and carefully transport the package to a room with enough floor space. Ample space is required because you will unpack and lay the doll flat on the floor beside the box.
  1. Meanwhile, you must plan ahead of time how you will handle the transition of your love doll because most full-size sex dolls weigh between 50 and 70 pounds, not including the packaging weight. To that end, enlisting the assistance of another person will be beneficial. The other option is to tip the delivery person and complete the task.
  1. After placing the package on the floor of your choice, cut the tape along the box’s seams with a boxcutter or knife to open her up. You must be cautious because you risk cutting your new partner inside out. As a result, avoid going too deep with your cutting.
  1. After you’ve finished cutting the box open, wash your hands right away. You will remove your new life-size doll from her love shell without smudging her skin or leaving a mark on her natural body. As a result, please wash your hands before contacting her.
  1. You can now unpack the realistic sex doll’s head. Inside the box, it will be wrapped in a separate bag and resting on the upper thighs of your silicone or TPE sex doll. Remove it gently and place it next to the body on the floor. You can return to it once the body has been removed.
  1. After you’ve completed the preceding steps, you can take the doll and blanket out of the box. Wrap your arms around the doll and gently lift her out of the box, placing her on the floor beside it. Then attach the doll’s body to the head and put on the wig.

“You can contemplate enjoying your realistic sex doll now that you have finished assembling her. Your doll or sex robot is intended for companionship and Pleasure. The key is to stick to tried-and-true methods to get the most Pleasure and excitement.”


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