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2.1KG – 3D Mini Realistic Half Torso Sex Doll

Original price was: $125.60.Current price is: $82.65.

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  1. We have warehouses in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Sydney, the Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium, and Russia, Free Shipping Worldwide.
  2. She will be shipped in 24 hours, arrived in 3-7 days after your order is placed.
  3. Discreet Packaging – the box is completely plain and without any trace of suspicious logos/words.
  4. The dolls will be shipped naked, without the advertised costumes, but we will randomly give away similar wigs and lingerie.

Sex Torso Details

If you are looking for an affordable sex toy that will give you a sexy experience, a torso sex doll may be right for you. These toys are usually made of TPE or silicone and come with realistic genitals. Best of all, they are super affordable. You want to make sure you buy torso sex toys from a reputable seller.
This 3D realistic mini half torso has short legs like a little girl and has a realistic vagina and anus. If you want to challenge a different type of sex torso, this sex torso is well worth buying and can give you a different sexual experience.

3D sex torso4


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