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17.5KG Female Fat Half Torso Sex Doll

Original price was: 586,95 €.Current price is: 369,95 €.

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  1. We have warehouses in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Sydney, the Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium, and Russia, Free Shipping Worldwide.
  2. She will be shipped in 24 hours, arrived in 3-7 days after your order is placed.
  3. Discreet Packaging – the box is completely plain and without any trace of suspicious logos/words.
  4. The dolls will be shipped naked, without the advertised costumes, but we will randomly give away similar wigs and lingerie.

Product Details

The 17.5kg semi-torso sex doll is a full-figured woman, it has oversized breasts and an ass, from the video you can see the breasts are much larger than the palm of your hand and very soft. You can completely use this semi-torso sex doll as a pillow, which is a very good idea. You can bury your head in its chest, which is a tender place for every man.
This obese sex torso has the same voluptuous body as a real woman, and the price is affordable for fast delivery.

Shoulder width:30cm
Hip circumference:80cm

Half Torso Sex doll7 Half Torso Sex doll5 Half Torso Sex doll4 Half Torso Sex doll3 Half Torso Sex doll2


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