What are the main advantages of a sexual torso?

Purchasing a sex doll torso is a wise decision for numerous reasons.

Less size and weight– Considering that a torso is only one portion of the body, its size and weight are among the primary arguments in favor of purchasing one over a sex doll.

Cost– Masturbators and sexual torsos are significantly less expensive than standard life-size love dolls. For people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a porn gadget, this might be a more affordable solution.

Care– A realistic doll’s lovely life depends heavily on upkeep and correct care, as lovers of these dolls are well aware. The masturbator and torso are the same. The undeniable benefit is that they are easier to maintain and clean, and have fewer components due to their simpler architecture. In the long term, this saves you time and energy.

Storage– It is simple to store the torso. In case you don’t have enough room for a full-size doll, this is an excellent choice. You can have as much pleasure with a sex torso as you would from a full-size virgin, but without taking up as much room.

Rapid manufacturing– The torso can be made more quickly because it is composed of fewer parts. In other words, the torso may arrive before the full-sized doll.

Customization of the torso

Unlike the traditional love doll, you won’t be without modification possibilities if you choose to get a torso. Their alternatives are severely restricted, though. The most variety of sex torsos may be found with the brands WM Doll, Climax Doll, and Irontech Doll.

What possibilities does the customizer offer you?

  • Skin, eye, and head color
  • Hair or pubic hair implants
  • Body material
  • nail
  • clothes and accessories

These are typical sex torso alterations. You can find customizations in the customizer with articulated fingers, a tan bikini, a shrug, or one of Sextorsostore’s most recent and well-liked electric vagina-sucking forms, depending on the exact type and brand of the torso.

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