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Hygiene Tips for Using a Female Torso Sex Doll

As the fashionability of using female torso sex dolls grows, it’s important to understand the significance of good hygiene to have safe and delightful guests. Keep your female torso sex doll clean and healthy with these tips

Tip 1 Clean after use –

After every use, clean the Silicone sex torso doll with mild cleaner and warm water, paying redundant attention to any removable corridor similar to the head, arms, and legs. Keep all crannies and joints clean to help dirt, smut, and bacteria from erecting up.

Tip 2 Clean around essence –

Still, clean it with an essence-safe cleanser and precisely dry it to help erosion, if your sex doll has any essence corridor.

Tip 3 Use particular lubricants –

It’s important to use them to ensure a smoother and more comfortable experience with your sex doll. Oil painting- grounded lubricants may damage the doll’s material, so use water-grounded lubricants.

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